Where apply the
LED tape ?

The FLEX-LED can be used for interior lighting to make a room aesthetically pleasing and bright, but it can also be used for highlighting architectural objects and lighting objects. Finally, you can use our FLEX-LEDs indoors (IP20) and outdoors (IP65 & IP67).

Advantage of LED?

– Long life, low maintenance
– Low energy cost
– Shock and vibration resistant
– Very compact size
– No infrared and UV emission

Color temperature

The unit of color temperature is the degree Kelvin (K).

The lower the temperature degree, the warmer the light. The higher the temperature degree, the cooler the light.


A CRI (Ra) of 100 corresponds to natural daylight. At this level, colors are perceived without any change (or loss) for the human eye.

LEDs that emit artificial light cannot claim a CRI higher than 90. In places where colours are required (e.g. sales or exhibition areas), it is essential to provide equipment with an index higher than 70).

What type of LED?

6 types of LEDs are presented on our website.

5054 : 4 chips (RGBW) of 0.32 w/led
Good brightness

5630 : 1 chip of
0.33 w/led
Very high brightness
Only monochrome

5050 : 3 chips (RGB) of 0.24 w/led
Good brightness

5050 : 1 warm white or cool white chip of
0.24 w/led
High brightness

3527 : 2 chips (warm white cold white)
of 0.16 w/led

WS2812B : 3 x 0.24 w/led RGB chips with integrated control circuit
Each LED can be driven independently
Number of data lines: 1
Refresh rate : 400 hz

WS2813 : same model as WS2812B but with a 4th wire for the DATA BACKUP function (the tape still works even with a defective LED)
Number of data lines : 2
Refresh rate : 2 kHz

Equipped with DATA BACKUP function (the tape still works even with a defective LED). The P943F LED drives the other 5 RGB LEDs in the section.
Number of data lines : 2
Refresh rate : 2 kHz

The COB LED can give out continuous light without dotting effect.

The binning

Binning is a sorting process to check the hue and brightness of the LED series.

Thus the series are normally manufactured to have the same characteristics.

However, it should be noted that there may be visible color differences between different fabrications.

Choice of power supply

What is the power consumption of a tape in W and which power supply should I choose?


9 m RGB tape 60 LEDs/m 14.4 W/m in 24 V (COLORTAPE6065)
Power consumption of a length L of tape (in W) = length (m) x power/meter (w/m)
The tape will consume 14.4 x 9 = 129.6 W

An additional 10% of power must be provided on the power supply.
In the same example: 129.6+10%= 142.56 W

What length of tape?

The maximum tape length is not only determined by the power supply and the driver. It is also determined by the amount of current that can be carried by the tape circuit. You can double the maximum length referenced in the table below by feeding the tape from both ends.

Maximum length :

H9859 COLORTAPE3065 16 m
H10541 COLORTAPE6020 8 m
H10542 COLORTAPE6020-WARM 5 m
H9994 COLORTAPE6065 8 m
H9860 COLORTAPE6067 8 m
H10543 COLORTAPE6067-WARM 5 m
H10538 PURETAPE14420-COLD 5 m
H10536 PURETAPE14420-WARM 5 m
H10537 PURETAPE6020-COLD 8 m
H10535 PURETAPE6020-WARM 8 m
H9862 PURETAPE6067-COLD 8 m
H9861 PURETAPE6067-WARM 8 m
H10597 SMARTTAPE6020 3 m
H10596 SMARTTAPE3020 5 m
H10596 PURETAPECOB528 5 m
H11253 SMARTTAPE6020-5 3 m
H11254 SMARTTAPE3020-5 5 m
H11255 SMARTTAPE6020-24 8 m
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